Saturday, October 01, 2011

"Hart of Dixie": CWTV series has concept similar (on surface) to "Everwood" but seems underwhelming

CWTV has started another series about a physician who moves to the countryside. This one is “Hart of Dixie”, on Mondays, created by Leila Gerstein, with the Pilot on Sept. 27 directed by Jason Ensler.

Rachel Bilson plays Zoe Hart, who seems a bit overbearing  and falsely fem in her determination to become a thoracic surgeon in New York City. But she doesn’t get the residency she wants and is told she needs to learn to look at patients as “People to help, not puzzles to solve.”

Pretty soon she is paying her dues, riding a bus (why no car?) down south to join a practice in Blue Bell, AL (not Blue Bell, PA, a corporate suburb of Philly).  Why does she have to live on a plantation, rather than get a house?

Yup, the locals (including the hiring doctor’s partner) don’t like her, until she solves a people-puzzle with an unusual pregnancy and birth right in the office she went to work.

The show is available for viewing now, from here (the Pilot). Trouble is, a series needs a strong Pilot (like "Smallville" had) to build up interest. 

The CWTV playback has excessive commercials, including a blurb for this show, and annoying repeated ads for “The Vampire Dairies” that seem to get almost caught in a loop several times during playback.

The series seems lame, at least at first, when compared to TheWB’s (now ended)  “Everwood”, which became overpowering over the years in the story  of the flawed father-son relationship between a self-exiles surgeon (who doesn’t charge) and the musical prodigy son Ephram.  Everwood deserves to be resurrected, maybe as an indie film, to let us know what happens to Eprham and even Kyle, and Madison. Maybe a good screenwriting contest?

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