Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nate Berkus appears on "Days of our Lives", but the worn soap keeps getting weaker

Today, Nate Berkus, well established with his own home design show (a male counterpart to a previous show of Martha Stewart) made a cameo on NBC’s tired soap “Days of our Lives”, getting reading to design Katrina’s (or someone’s) house in the imaginary Ohio of the soap.  I guess make-believe counts, too.

Or, perhaps turn it around, and have a two-hour combined show some day, in fictitious space.

I’ve noticed that ABC’s “All My Children” is gone. I find it hard to believe that “Days” has survived so long, as the story gets so lame.  Sami can't hold it together forever. 

Yet, seven years ago, with the characters mysteriously kidnapped into a situation that sounded like a preview of “Lost”, the soap was genuinely intriguing.    But then the plot started getting erratic, as actors were dropped. (Shawn and Belle were written out of the plot in one day.) What happened to it?

There is something in common with three of the most popular hosted network shows today: Nate, Ellen, and Anderson.  Do your inductive reasoning.

Any predictions on how much longer “Days”  (started in 1965) will last? 

Update: Oct. 13

Well, Nate was back again today, and further more some characters whom I thought were dead are coming back. There's Jennifer and Jack (who got caught on the island), and then there is a suit against John Black, whom I thought was "gone", for a ponzi scheme like Bernie Madoff's.

Then Deidre Hall (site), the glamorous actress who used to play the psychiatrist and "Salem stalker" Marlena, appeared on Nate on his own show (one hour later in DC). She showed Nate her kitchen; I was surprised that in California homeowners use gas stoves. Apparently, from what she told Nate while cooking, she's getting resurrected and returning to Days, too. So maybe DOOL is going all out to survive, maybe in an alternate universe.

Nate, on his own show today, also showed the set (in California) for Days, particularly the pub in "Salem".  Nate says this is his first acting job since high school.  He didn't need to memorize many lines. The character Brady advertised his hairless torso in front of Nate.

There is a Salem, Ohio, but it is a small town (not so far from Akron). Sometimes the show refers to Highway 13, which goes up through the middle of the state. Mt. Vernon, Ohio (where some relatives live) has apparently attracted some moviemaking.

On Ellen today, there was a cat demonstrating skill at card-counting.  Maybe that's Ellen's own cat.

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