Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Piers Morgan re-interviews filmmaker Michael Moore in view of protests; why won't employers hire?

Piers Morgan on CNN last night did a new interview of filmmaker Michael Moore, who said that the “Occupy Wall Street” protests would spread across the country. (They already have.)

Moore said that large corporations were hoarding cash rather than hiring workers because they know there will be another 2008-style crash, this one even worse.

He said that gradually over the years, owners of capital have become more personally selfish, and tended to treat employees as a burden to be shed.  Morgan asked him about the effect of technology as well as moving jobs overseas, and Moore thought that technological change and labor saving itself was a good thing.

Morgan challenged Moore on whether Moore practices what he preaches. After all, Moore does well himself.  Moore said that when capitalism works correctly, the wealth is shared with everyone. Moore admitted he did quite well because he makes film distributors a lot of money, but the companies don’t like what his movies say.

Although one can cast the issues in terms of “corporations” v. “the people”, the real question about policy changes is what sacrifices are made by individual people.

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