Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ABC 20-20 reports on Gabby Gifford's progress; use of music therapy was especially interesting

Last night, Diane Sawyer interviewed Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (Gabrielle Giffords) on a special edition of ABC 20-20.  Interviews were previewed on World News Tonight and supplemented on Nightline.

The interview showed her amazing progress in her recovery from head gunshot wounds on January 8 at a supermarket in Tucson. 

The most interesting part of the broadcast showed how music therapy was helpful, particularly keyboard popular music. Recently, other media reports have focused on the use of music in helping Alzheimer's patients retain some function (see my Drama Blog, Nov. 6, 2011). But it seems to be one of the most effective tools for brain injury or combat wounds.  Possibly this could present work opportunities for musicians

Camera combat journalist Bob Woodruff, seriously injured in Iraq with an explosion in 2006, appeared.   Clips of Woodruff’s injury were shown, which are quite startling. It is amazing that in both cases, surgery and healing afterward could restore cosmetic  appearance to the head area with little obvious evidence of the wounds. 

Giffords reported having difficulty making words when she knew what she wanted to say.
She did not say when she would return to the House.

Her book is "Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope", written with her husband Mark Kelly and Jeffrey Zaslow, published by Scribner.

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Nicholina Bennett said...

My heart goes out to Gabby because I do understand what she has gone thru with feeling fine one moment then the next moment you are injured and have a Traumatic Brain Injury. I am a 6yr. survivor of a TBI from an auto accident. I have had many struggles with my coming to understand that I now have this disability and I am different from what I used to be like. I just hope she continues to keep her head up,the smile on her face, her music on and that tomorrow is another day that you can reach that new goal.