Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ABC Nightline presents "Frequent Flyer Millionaires"; a recap on "Dancing"

First, I’m not so much a fan of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” – my mother watched it a lot in 2010 in her last weeks.  (Nov. 23, 2011, today, would be her 98th birthday.) Everyone knows that Iraq war veteran J. R. Martinez and partner Karina Smirnoff won the Season 13 Mirror Ball. 

I caught a rendition of Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally” from the 1950s – was that the 2009 performance in Season 11 by Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas?

During summers in Ohio in the 1950s, with visits to the farm house, a playmate friend (about my age, like 12 then) loved “Long Tall Sally” and thought that the “Oh Baby” was so cool! The song had just come out and played right before Cleveland Indians’ baseball games (and tramplings of the Washington Senators). 

To change the subject, ABC Nightline Terry Moran and John Donovan presented Rick, the Baby Boomer and Grandpa, as the ultimate trend setter among Frequent Flyer Millionaires.  The news story showed how he and his wife (and sometimes progeny) flew around the world for $60 a piece on 120000 frequent flier miles.   Many of the perks include first class upgrades. One trick is to apply for a lot of credit cards (if you pay all your balances on time in full); each inquiry costs about 5 points on your FICO story.  His blog is called “Frugal Travel Guy”.  He explained “mileage runs” and “mattress runs”.  Here is his link . He also gives links to a lot of other blogs on travel.

On a recent trip to Texas, I noticed than when I did all my rent car and hotel through the airline website (rather than Priceline), I seemed to get slightly lower prices and quite a collection of flyer miles awared (like 2 miles for every dollar spent on the hotel).

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