Friday, November 25, 2011

ABC's "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving"

Ok, the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga, treated us to "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" Thursday night. I was HER special, and she directed it.  Here’s ABC’s basic link

The sets with her white and orange dresses and hair tresses remind me more of Halloween that Thanksgiving. The look is certainly autumnal.  Her musical style is openly romantic, even opulent (sort of like a male Josh Groban), even if her music is a long way from the Brahms Fourth Symphony.  In fact, her show took us back to memories of movies of the 50s, although not many young men who disco dirty-dance to her music would recognize this. 

Yes, we get to hear “Bad Romance”, “The Edge of Glory”, and “The Lady Is a Tramp” (a takeoff on a title of a famous 50s Disney animated movie – “The Lady and the Tramp”).

She also sung “White Christmas”, although she didn’t exactly evoke Irving Berlin or even Paramount’s VistaVision debut with that movie in the 50s. 

There was also a little cooking segment – “the food” looked plenty photogenic.

Lady Gaga Monster has a youtube embed for “Bad Romance”.  Dance away.

Note, on May 16, I reviewed an HBO documentary about Lady Gaga.  I want to again acknowledge her support for anti-bullying campaigns and also for repealing “don’t ask don’t tell”.

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zen power said...

Hello all....Hope you had a great time on Thanksgiving celebrations. Good Luck.

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