Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Anderson plays "The Sub" -- and then invites himself to your home for a Family Dinner

The circumspect television journalist Anderson Cooper is becoming more socially venturesome this week on his new daytime “Anderson” show.

There is, this week, the Anderson Family Dinner Challenge, link. Guess who came to dinner?  It’s interesting to see a single man (making millions in his career in the media – arguably he has “paid his dues” earlier in life) advocating the idea of a partial “family home evening”  (without Mitt Romney), with in-person talk and probably no media or electronics. 

He says he is normally a finicky eater, but very polite, and will eat anything served to him at a family dinner.
Then, today, he played “Mr. Cooper”, as “The Sub” – a substitute teacher for an afternoon at a Newark NJ public school, for kindergarten, no less.  He said the three hours wore him out.  Today, the kids came to the Time Warner Building on Columbus Circle in New York, with its wonderful view, and sat on the same carpet that they would in class.  The kids graded the sub, as “excellent” on everything, including “snack time” and “jump jump”.

This is not like subbing a calculus class for AP students.

Why not have Anderson speak about journalism at a high school assembly?

He also interviewed Chaz Bono today – about the controversy of his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”.

Would Anderson want to present some new artists – especially classical musicians from NYC?  (That's a departure from his practice of basing many shows around controversial incidents or people.) How about the Metropolis Ensemble?   Anderson’s studio, with its sunlight, is a much more attractive venue for music performance physically than Oprah’s was (or is Nate’s or Ellen’s, for that matter).  I wonder if Anderson is familiar with “Bargemusic” (under the Brooklyn Bridge) as a venue – especially during storms.  Any New Yorker should be.

Here's a YouTube (from Stop Intolerance Now) on the bullying problems, where Anderson (interviewed by Ellen) criticizes Hollywood for what it puts even in movie previews.  Kevin Spacey has also blamed Hollywood for some of this kind of problem. 

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