Friday, November 18, 2011

Classic TV channel offers "Alfred Hitchcock Presents": epsisode presents old man you just wants to be listened to

There is a cable channel called “Classic TV” that reruns some of those wonderful old “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” episodes, all in black and white.

The episode “Listen, listen” (“To speak and no be heard”) with Edgar Stehli and Kitty Kelly, has a lot of familiar themes, like my notion of “the privilege of being listened to”.  An old bachelor, Mr. Johnson, still living with his mother, tries to tell the police that the third of a series of “stocking murders” is not the same as the first two.  The police threaten to lock him in a psych ward as a public nuisance.  Trouble is, Johnson has some special insights into things, taught by his mother.

Imagine the recent flap in the news about the obligation of private citizens to end-round bureaucracy and keep insisting on followup in certain crimes – as in the previous post.  What about “see something, say something” ?  What about the murders in 2008 of two technicians in high tech intelligence jobs – what if you find something on Myspace or Blogger that you think the police don’t know to look for, and you’re a tech security guru.  Should you go to them?

Here’s an AHP clip from “The Night the World Ended”.

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