Sunday, November 27, 2011

CNN presents documentary on Restavek Freedom in Haiti

Sunday night CNN aired a documentary about “restavek children” (without natural families) in earthquake-torn Haiti, called ‘Common Dreams”,  by Stephen Taylor.   

The film documented efforts to educate orphaned children and keep them out of slavery, which is a great danger for Haiti to slip in to. 

The basic link is here.  Restavek Freedom has a major link here.

A secondary link for “common dreams” is here.

Taylor’s photography site is here.

The documentary showed living conditions for displaced children in Haiti, and showed children expected to manual labor, like carrying 5-gallon water jugs through narrow urban spaces. 

Education is difficult. Mentoring involves sports and basketball and recreation as much as academics.  Practical skills like sewing were being taught.  

This is a very difficult life, much more so than other poor destinations which American churches try to help.   
At the end, the documentary says it could provide a “Cinderella story” for a few kids.  Celebrities would come for short times, but Taylor  (and a few others, like Dillon) were there for the long hall. 

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