Monday, November 07, 2011

Nate Berkus at White House, interviews First Lady; Fareed Zakaria presents Sal Khan on his "Fixing Education"

Today, Nov. 7, Nate Berkus interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama on the White House grounds, with major link here

Nate also had a cooking lesson, pretty much Veggan items, from a female White House chef who said she would make him cook. 

Michelle, like many First Ladies, has taken a recent interest in education, and she doesn’t allow her daughters to use social media yet, as they would have “no value” at their age. 

She might not agree with the harsh views of another Michelle, that is, Michelle Rhee, who left the DC School system after cleaning house. Last night, Fareed  Zakaria did a special on education, in his “Restoring the American Dream” series, an episode called “Fixing Education”, where he interviewed Bill Gates and even talked about the effectiveness of tests and standards in school. Zakaria presented the Korean and Finnish school systems, the latter of which requires very educated teachers – and noted that teaching has become a weaker profession since the 1970s when more careers were wide open for women. He also presented Salman Khan and his Khan Academy of online courses.  The correct link is “Khan Academy”  (link) with tld of  .org and spell with the “h” first; otherwise you may get taken to a bogus site survey.)  Here’s CNN’s link

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