Friday, December 02, 2011

ABC 20-20 reports on overmedication of kids in foster care

ABC 20-20  (and then Nightline) on Friday Dec. 2 featured a report  (45 min)  by Diane Sawyer on the practice of giving foster children in state homes prescription mind-altering medication, sometimes even to very young children.

The basic link for the show is here

The practice sounds unbelievable. If seems to keep kids docile and “well behaved” but also stunted.  This almost sounds like the treatment previously given in communist Romania to orphans (which 20-20 has reported on before). 

Sawyer says she did an earlier report on foster care six years ago.

The documentary included case histories of kids taken by the state from neglectful parents (some of whom had been expected to raise siblings) only to abused by the states themselves.  (I had a friend in NYC in the 1970s with a story like this; he was a chess player, but, in his mid 30s, somewhat unbalanced.)

Only about ten percent of the kids are adopted. 

One fifteen year old girl described how much she admitted Justin Bieber and thought she shared his values.

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