Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Chuck" on Fridays: a world wide cyber attack? ("Chuck" is the starting pitcher every week)

NBC’s comical “Chuck” resumed October 28, now on Fridays.  Chuck (Zachary Levi) has his own spy agency – his own IMF, so to speak. But he’s still the same goofball.  In 2011, every episode title starts with “Chuck versus…”

But on Dec. 16, “Chuck versus the Curse”, Chuck is accused of or framed for planting a worldwide Omen virus himself.   Much of the episode has them exploring Castle air ducts.  At the end, outright cyberwar has broken out. All the major corporate servers in the world are infected, and the neon signs on Times Square go awry.   Is the episode a warning of all out cyberwar as it could really happen?  What if every single personal blog and every single personal or small business site were wiped out?  (SOPA?)

It seems as though Devon Woodson, played by Ryan McPartlin, seems like a clone of Cylde Tolson from “J. Edgar”.  I could have been fooled to think the actor was Armie Hammer until I saw him with, well, less.
The show has the same comical musical prologue, and “Buy More” and “Nerd Herd” still come across as transpositions of Best Buy’s Geek Squad, all with black ties and special agents.   Could the Geek Squad defeat a global cyber enemy?

Here’s NBC’s episode link.

We don’t have series this year like “The Event” or “Flash Forward”.

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