Sunday, December 25, 2011

CNN: AC360 "on the front lines"; David Ignatius tells Zakaria ordinary people can be spies; Whoopi starts sounding libertarian

Christmas Night, Anderson Cooper’s AC360 was a special report “CNN on the Frontlines”, link here
There was a lot of recollection of events overseas with the Arab Spring, with some particular details, such as the camel march in Egypt, when the government was getting desperate.
The panel refuted the idea that most protesters wanted to be anonymous to protect themselves on the Internet; some insisted on using their real names. 
They also said that natural disasters are tougher to take than conflict. There was a lot of re-coverage of the personal losses in Japan. 
Today Fareed Zakaria interviewed journalist David Ignatius (“Body of Lies”) and talked about the “real” world of spies, who often run ordinary businesses now as covers.  He talked about “CIA v. ISI”.  The idea is important to me because in my novel I have a part time ex-military “spy” working as a history teacher and needing long term subs.  

Also, Piers Morgan interviewed Whoopi Goldberg, who did talk about "Sister Act" (drama blog Dec. 1), and who made some rather libertarian comments (almost Cato-like) on reducing the role of government in people's lives. 

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