Wednesday, December 14, 2011

History Channel's "Proving God"

Last night, the History Channel premiered its documentary “Proving God”, in which it tried to present the science that closes the gap between physics and biology as we know it, and God or a creator or some sort of intelligent design.
The two-hour program focused on two main areas: the Ark of the Covenant itself, said to reside behind maze-likecorridors at an Orthodox church at Axum, Ethiopia, and the proof of the existence of the Higgs Boson with supercollider experiments in Europe. 

There is a man who guards the Ark and never leaves the church. 
We could get into a discussion of who life is a process that reverses entropy (the Second Law of Thermodynamics), but then so is the creation of galaxies, stars and planets from dust, even as their destruction and breakdown (and sometimes explosion) increases entropy.  Perhaps conscious beings actually migrate eventually toward god status in order to oppose entropy and keep the universe (or succession of universes) going. 
Here is the History Channel’s own site

Wikipedia attribution link  for picture of Axum church.

I remember that in 10th grade English, a girl tried to prove that God exists in an assigned theme.

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