Friday, December 16, 2011

Katie Couric gives mild 2011 retrospect on ABC Primetime

ABC News began its retrospect of the year 2011 with “The Year with Katie Couric”, full episode here 

She started out with a replay of a moment on Piers Morgan, looking dusky now and 70s-ish, where Christine O’Donnell walks out on his show.

The three big courtroom drama personalities filled much of the hour: Conrad Murray, Amanda Knox, and Casey Anthony, who everyone says will live on the run as a pariah, with a difficult life.  

She finished her broadcast with the account of J. R. Martinez and Dancing with the Stars. 

The broadcast seemed a bit insipid compared to what it could have been.

ABC Nightline last night, though, woke us all up with an account of peeping-Tom spy webcams and photos in private spaces in public facilities.  It’s a touchy subject.  There is no “right to privacy” in a public space when out in the open (when not in a specific space normally associated with personal privacy, like a restroom or garment changing room).  There are people who says they don’t think their visages should show up on the Internet without their consent no matter where they are. But that doesn’t seem to be the law; I’ve covered this on my main blog. Yet, it makes anyone who takes public photographs at all wonder if others will think he is creepy.

Kate Couric’s “A Look Back” from CBS here:

In Washington, I usually get my news from ABC, NBC, and CNN.   When I go to New York, the first news channel I find on cable in the hotel (or “Yotel”) is always CBS.  

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