Sunday, December 04, 2011

Larry King invites us to his dinner party on CNN, expresses his own lack of Faith in a bizarre conversation with other celebrities

Larry King did a promised special program this evening in the CNN Presents series, “A Special Dinner with the Kings”, featuring Conan O’Brien (“I wonder why we’re being served by the CIA”), Tyra Banks, Shaquille O’Neal, Seth McFarlane, Jack Dorsey (one of the founders of Twitter), Quincy Jones, and Russell Brand. 

The food looked delicious. I’d post the pictures of the steak if it weren’t copyright infringement to do so. They feasted while talking about the gap between the rich and the poor.  Is it rude for celebrities to show themselves eating convention-style catered dinners?  But King’s wife says, “We’re having a party, and you’re invited.”  Well, to share in the feast (not just a Rosicrucian Feast) you have to have followed the script of my own "Make the A-List" (2002).

There was a general agreement that our culture presents a misleading notion of “entitlement” which discourages some people from working as hard as they should or trying their own ideas. 

Larry King made the odd comment that he feared death, because he doesn’t have a faith that promises him the hereafter, whereas his wife does.  He used to talk about his left-side coronary bypass surgery that took place back in 1987 as I recall. 

I (age 68) had a dream last night that relates to King’s comment.  I was in some sort of complex of condos and shopping malls, and looking for film I had shot.  Finally I found it in a Home Depot at the end of the lot. But as I carried it back, reality seemed to disintegrate. The film would be there, and then disappear. Existence seemed to be at risk of failing.  I guy I recall from the bars in Dallas (the Roundup) would say he was a police candidate, and then “do what you like. But you won’t be allowed to better yourself again. We score your life right now.”  As I woke up, I felt pretty normal – no rapid heartbeat common after REM sleep and deep dreams – and went downstairs to make sure everything works.  The electronics were normal.  But outside there was a bizarre fog just at the top of the hill on which I lived.  It disappeared as you drove or walked 40 feet lower to the street below.   Was the world still OK?  Was I still alive?  By the time I came home from church, the weird fog was gone, burned off.  Existence was back to normal.  I wasn’t in a parallel universe with no weak force. 


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