Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rumors about Will on "Days of our Lives"; will Nick, Shawn and Belle return? AC on family dinners

Yesterday, on the last episode of “Days of our Lives”, Sami’s likeable late teen son Will Horton (now Chandler Massey) says to his mother Sami something like, “just when I think it is impossible for you to become any more selfish than you already are, you surprise me.”  Yes, Sami has become a trademark for “selfishness”, and not the Ayn Rand kind.  (Will was upset when he caught Sami with EJ after she had married Rafe.)
 There are rumors that Will is going to “come out”, as on this site (website url) link. He certainly is a strong-willed (pub) character.  How could Samantha have even raised him? 

He did work on a gay website.  But soaps have a hard time working in gay characters when their plot threads so obsessed with family lineage and false loyalties and protection rackets.  How would Stefano react to gay offspring, who may not  be willing to augment his biological empire?  At least, Will, as played now, is “cute”.  But remember Nick Fallon?  Since Days has brought back so many other characters (Marlena and John), will Nick (Blake Berris) get out of jail and come back?  Will Shawn and Belle return?

 Anderson Cooper yesterday reiterated the importance of the family dinner, almost bringing it to the level of a Family Home Evening.

And later Thursday AC360 had a guest (CNN), a prosecutor who questioned whether Internet service providers should be protected from downstream liability by law given all the “social problems” we have.

Pix:  In the green plaid shirt -- me, being attacked. 

Update: Jan. 9

Will tries to blackmail EJ for sleeping with his MOM, and EJ claims he knows Will shot him (I think that's true), and demands Will join the Mob to stay out of jail himself.  EJ also says Will's "kind" wouldn't fare well in jail.  Will is so innocent, having no idea he has grown up in a mob family. 

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Anonymous said...

Come on already. The show has really gone south when you have to have two guys kissing and groping each other. This is a daytime show. We have been watching this show for over 35 years and it has gotton to be disgusting. Just because the country has gone to hell, does the show have to also. I think if this continues, we will stop watching.