Monday, December 19, 2011

"Terra Nova" 2011 fall conclusion offers mountaintop removal by time travel

Tonight, Dec. 19, the series “Terra Nova” on Fox concluded the 2011 season (at least the fall part) with two episodes (two hours total), “Occupation” and “Resistance”.
The “Phoenix Group” from 2149 tries to come back to strip mine an area for a precious ore. The concept of backwards time travel for “mountaintop removal” sounds bizarre indeed, as if the ultimate mockery of the environmentally destructive practice. Maybe the Appalachians can be completely epilated away. An earlier episode had covered the EMP danger. 
In fact, the group would defoliate the entire area with a single blast first. 
The colonists try to defend by limiting the throughput of the Portal. 
Another funny concept is the mockery of the whole idea of colonialism (as we study it in American history and world history) with time travel.  Even mercantilism, a difficult concept for high school students, is explored. 

Of course, things can go the other way. What happens if a velociraptor gets brought back to 2149 accidentally?
When someone dies in Terra Nova, will he/she be reborn in the 22nd Century and recycle the same life incarnations infinitely?
Nevertheless, at the end, the colonists discover evidence in nearby areas that people have come back from other centuries, and the very last shot shows another planet in the sky. Is it “Another Earth” or “Melancholia”?

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