Thursday, January 12, 2012

ABC's "Revenge" gets into some issues about journalism, "dead hand"

Last night’s episode of ABC’s “Revenge”, titled “Infamy”, touched on an important topic: author/journalist integrity.

The best line is at the end when Nolan (Gabriel Mann) says “Bad girl”.  He had taken author Mason Treadwell  (Roger Bart). attracted to him (he wants to write a biography of Nolan, as if he had invented another Facebook), to dinner so Emily (aka original Amanda before the “identity switch”) could carry out her latest but impulsive act in her vendetta.  Treadwell was unusual in his habits: he worked with paper and typewriters only and didn't like to make a copy until he was done.  Unlikely story. 

Emily is upset that Treadwell’s book on her father doesn’t exonerate him. Treadwell, in heavy debt, has come under the influence of Victoria and must hide some facts in his book to protect himself.  I guess
There’s also the concept of a young man (Daniel) not being able to get a hold of a trust until he marries (or turns 30).  “Requiring marriage” is a concept that comes up in movies and literature all the time (the British call controlling behavior of grown kids from the grave "the dead hand").  It seems still as though the “powers that be” in society want to regulate sexual intercourse of their dependents.

This series does have a lot of “meat” in it, and a bit of a hook.  The characters are naughty but well drawn and inspire a hook.  In general, however, major television series these days are not as original as they used to be.
Yes, I liked “The Event” and “Flash Forward”.  On the other hand, “The Firm” is a bit of a retread.  Hollywood generally is resisting creativity in the broadcast environment, going for the easy cash cows.
Too bad, Nolan needs a better boyfriend than Tyler (who had tied him up and is now in jail.

Small Scoop has an interesting discussion on last night here.

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