Saturday, January 07, 2012

"Culture Click" with Nzinga gets into quirky, body issues

On Saturday mornings, in some cities, some ABC affiliates offer “Culture Click” with Nzinga Blake.

This morning there was a list of the ten bad habits people have.  This includes eating from other people’s plates, and even burping.  (A coworker once got after me about that back in Dallas, in 1980, saying I should say “excuse me”.)  She also mentioned the Japanese objection to showing the bottoms of shoes. 

Later, she talked about the baths in ancient Rome.  Maybe the Romans invented soap, but they didn’t use it on themselves, even before using public baths.  They put oil on their bodies and then shaved them, everywhere, she said.  I’ve never hear that one before.

The link for the show is here.

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