Tuesday, January 03, 2012

PBS Frontline airs short documentary on opium and child trade in Afghanistan

Tuesday Jan. 3, 2012 most of PBS Frontline was allocated to airing “Opium Brides”. This refers to the practice of Taliban opium smugglers taking young daughters and other family members from Afghan farmers in remote areas when they cannot pay “debts” after the new Afghan government (under NATO auspices) destroys opium poppy plants in the farmers’ fields.

The PBS link is here.

“The World” also has a perspective on the documentary here

The program would reinforce Ashton Kutcher's campaign, "real men don't buy girls." 

There is a touching scene where an opium-addicted Afghan farmer tells his seven-year-old son not to follow in his footsteps.

Here is the preview. “A crop is destroyed, and so is a family.”

An earlier segment questioned the practice of using drones in the region. 

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