Friday, December 07, 2012

"The View" hot topic: Ending the "War on Men"

Lightning stirkes twice. On Friday Dec. 7, ABC;s :The View: had another “hot topic” when conservative columnist Suzanne Venker appeared as a guest and said that women are driving away men from wanting marriage when women want to “have it all”. Quit the "War on Men" she advises. 

But other members of the View (like Whoopi) suggested that most women can’t afford to let themselves become dependent on their husbands.  And in today’s economy, you have to count your blessings when either spouse has a good job. 

Does the CEO of Yahoo! (Marissa Meyer) set a good example with the way she handles having a baby?  

Try the Huffington Post story here

 The ABC link for the View report today is here  and the comments are as interesting as the video and article.

I found it perplexing, when I was a young man, that I should be “attracted” (I could be more blunt but this is public) to someone who was supposed to become dependent.

Then, in 1980, when I was living in and working in Dallas, a female consultant asked me if I could change a flat tire for her (at the time, in the Zale Building parking lot on I=35 – that was the building in “Logan’s Run”).  I couldn’t. She gave me a lecture on how men were supposed to do physical things for women. (I was 36 at the time.)  

George Gilder ("Men and Marriage") would be delighted. 

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