Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC covers Obama "State of Play" and Rubio, and then takes us to "Modern Family" on a baseball diamond

ABC News provided a reverse order blog on President Obama’s State of the Union Address, with lots of comments.  Here’s their (website url) reference

I didn’t hear any real surprises.  The president reiterated the need to honor the Full Faith and Credit of the United States. 

He gave a rather optimistic view of alternate energy, but warned that the evidence on climate change was becoming overwhelming, as contributing toward the wildfires, the derecho and “Hurricane” Sandy.
He mentioned is commitment to equal benefits for gay partners for members of the military (he used the words “gay or straight”), despite some legal obstacles as with DOMA.

But he did say our most precious resource was our “children”, and then gave a long litany on the victims of gun violence.  The parents of a teenage girl shot accidentally in gang warfare one mile from the president’s home in Chicago after the inauguration (when the girl had been to the inauguration) were in the audience.

Obama, emphasizing the middle class, recommended a $9 minimum wage. 

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), only 41,  gave the GOP response, about 20 minutes.  Rubio argued that too much government was bad for the middle class, and particularly would make Social Security and Medicare unsustainable.  Rubio said that he lives in a middle class neighborhood.   Rubio blamed the collapse of the housing market, precipitating the 2008 financial crisis, on two much government, but that doesn’t add up. Rubio also said that families were not always installing moral values in their kids. He also said that Obamacare, when imposed on employers, would lead to less hiring and more layoffs (he used the "L" word at least once.)

Rubio reached for a water bottle during the speech, and the camera followed him.  Sort of like being at the dentist.
ABC did not show the Tea Party response from Rand Paul, but put on a 20 minute (uninterrupted) episode of “Modern Family”, occurring mainly on a little league baseball field.  No, Cam can’t play baseball. 

Jimmy Kimmel somehow linked all the speech content tonight to “the plot of Inception”.  Are Obama and Rubio engaging in lucid dreaming? 

By the way, do "those Republicans" remember that in ABC's "Revenge", Nolan Ross's boyfriend (whom he fires from his company almost every week) is named "Marco"?  (He even looks like the Florida Senator.) A coincidence?  

The first picture above:: I had taken it in the fall of 2008.  Look how far things have come in four years!

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