Saturday, February 23, 2013

ABC News host returns from bone marrow transplant, story on 20-20

ABC 20-20 covered the medical journey of GMA anchor Robin Roberts, 52, through a mysterious blood malignancy (like a pre-leukemia or lymphoma) that followed her successful treatment of breast cancer in 2007.  She had to undergo a complete stem cell  bone marrow transplant from her sister.  She had to accept the "gift".
Her own mother suffered a fatal stroke during this.
The chemotherapy before the transplant totally wipes out the immune system.  She had ten days of intense chemotherapy before the transplant injection. Then she slowly came back to health, in complete isolation.
After weeks, she was allowed out of the hospital, and went to her Gulf Coast home.  She has the immune system of a baby and says this hard because she is a “hugger” as part of her southern background.

At the end of the broadcast, she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer and she believes a nurse saved her from passing away once.

This was an upbeat episode. 


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