Saturday, February 16, 2013

AC360: "Kids off the Block", Diane Latiker, and the reality of ghetto "social combat" -- and upper class indifference -- and the gun debate

Friday night, CNN’s AC360 aired a retelling of the story of one of the CNN Heroes, Diane Latiker, who invited street kids in Chicago into her own home, and helped found a place next door (by buying a building next to her house) called “Kids off the Block”.
Chris Cuomo (from ABC news) interviewed her.  

In the report, one 13-year-old kid said that he doesn’t feel safe leaving home without a gun.  Kids at that age have guns?
A lot of people live in a world where “law and order” and a “free market economy” as we know them don’t function, and live by their wits and “social combat”.  That helps explain the mentality of gangs and bullying.  Yet, if middle class professionals remain indifferent and aloof, the problem gets worse, and can go completely out of control, to the point that it is a major “national security” (homeland) for everyone.
Anderson Cooper interviewed David Keene, the NRA President.  Keene discussed private gun sales among family members as if they should not be regulated, and said we should enforce the background check laws we have now, but increase them.
Keene also suggested that people need to learn self-defense with weapons to deal with adversity that is “inevitable” and unavoidable, both because of natural disasters, but also because of economic inequality.  He seemed to reinforce Wayne LaPierre’s “good guy, bad guy” paradigm as social reality.  But isn’t that a mindset that justifies bullying?
CBS news has a recent story on NRA positions here

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