Monday, February 18, 2013

CNN: "Inside the Hunt for Christopher Dorner"

Over the weekend, CNN aired its onehour documentary “Inside the Hunt for Christopher Dorner”, tracing the firing of the LAPD copy (for supposedly making a false report when whistleblowing), and the steps and incidents that led to Dorner’s death in a burning cabin in the San Bernadino Mountains, 90 miles east of downtown LA, in snow-covered country at about 6000 feet elevation, near Big Bear Lake.

There was a lot of discussion in the documentary of Dorner’s “manifesto”, which detailed his gripes of Dorner, and rambled off into pop culture and celebrities.  In a few passages, Dorner seemed to support gay rights., despite ranting against a “lesbian” cop implicated in his firing.

Here's another link on the "Manifesto", here. My own first "Do Ask Do Tell" book used to be called "The Manifesto".  So far, I have never learned of any reference to it in any materials left by someone who went "mad" (and I have checked for this).  But I have wondered if I would be contacted if that were ever to happen. 

CNN doesn’t have a specific link for the show yet, but a gun rights group has one here

The documentary did trace some of the history of racism in the LAPD and mentioned the Rodney King incident and trial. 

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