Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"The View" presents a case for "immortality"

ABC’s “The View” today had a brief report on “immortality” from a particular Dr. Sam Parnia, who told the story of a heart attack patient who came back to life after being deceased for 47 minutes, a record.
It is possible for many cells in the body, including the brain, to survive a whole hour (maybe longer if at low temperatures) after official pronouncement of death.

Could this sort of discovery lead to even more untoward attempts to prolong the lives of the elderly as long as possible?

ABC, a couple years ago, presented an episode with Barbara Walters, "Live to 150" (here, Aoril 1, 2008).  Walter has since had life-saving heart value surgery.  

But "immortality" would violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In fact, living things reproduce and develop consciousness to oppose entropy.  
The heart attack patient in today's show spoke of going to a place where there is no pain.  He did not report specific encounters with light or loved ones.

The link for the ABC View episode today is here
It’s possible to image the afterlife as a state where one is conscious of the hearts and deepest intentions of everyone on his life (and vice versa) but cannot “experience” anything.
Perhaps (as is a concept in my novel manuscript), one could experience brief dream-like snapshots of the life of another living person connected to him or her, as that person saw him, leading back to his or her own memories.  And that preferred other person would have to experience corresponding dream experiences (a little bit like the layers in the film :Inception”).

There is a type of jellyfish which mimics immortality by reverting to a larval state and regenerating. 

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