Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Will and Sonny would make great gay dads on "Days", but Nick may "hack" Will into prison first

The “Will and Sonny” plotline on the NBC soap “Days of our Lives” may be headed toward the politically correct solution of Will and Sonny as gad dads for Gabi’s baby, but if so the course has gotten dangerous for Will (Chandler Massey).
After Chad disrupted and broke up the wedding between Gabi and Nick, Will announced that he is the father.   Will has shown emotional attachment to his own daughter, as he could see the sonogram of the baby in Gabi’s womb,  But he does not feel for Gabi herself, or any need to protect her, which seems inconsistent, even to me.  That belongs to Nick, who desperately wants the baby as his own because he didn’t get the first chance to make the baby with Gabi.
So Nick hacks Will’s cell phone to get some dirt for a custody battle, and finds out that Will’s father, Lucas, served time in prison and took the rap when Will, as a teen, shot EJ, even though Will thought he was protecting his parents when he did it.  Nick has be constantly referring to Will as “Gay Boy”, but now we get a clue as to Nick’s homophobia.  Nick was himself raped in jail.  He says “It’s not fair.  I paid for my crime.”  Now, he will “tell”, and Will might wind up in prison paying for his. It’s getting messy.

Note: On Tuesday, it appeared that Gabi was starting to miscarry.  Or maybe a premie.  

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