Saturday, March 30, 2013

ABC 20-20: "The Ultimate Betrayal": a psychopath trashes a woman he meets (on a plane) on the Internet

ABC 20-20, on Friday, March 29, ran three stories of personal stalking and gullibility on “The Ultimate Betrayal”.
The most interesting was the second one.  A young woman living in Arlington VA  met a man Bruce Stimon, on a plane from Boston to Washington.  She give minimal contact information. The end result, according to 20-20, was the trashing of her reputation with fake profiles and links to porn sites, fake sex tapes, and even involvement of her “friends” on her social media lists.  She was fired from her job, as her employer held her responsible for her own social media reputation (employers often do this).   He had become jealous when she rebuffed him; she got restraining orders on him.  When he drove to Arlington from New Hampshire, police were waiting and he wound up with a seven year sentence. 

The ABC story by Jim Dubrueil is here
One revelation was that Stimon was married and had a child, and his wife was shocked at the development. When she filed for divorce, he tried to trash her social media presence, too. 

This shows the danger of social media, when others abuse it.  As I’ve noted elsewhere, people are much more touchy about photography in discos than they were even two years ago because of media reports of abuse.

I've met people on planes before, given them my website and blog addresses, and never had a bad experience.  I met a law associate one time and had a discussion about gay marriage.   
This story sounds like the act of a (heterosexual) psychopath who cannot stand rejection. The 20-20 broadcast started with the story of an even more violent sequence in Colorado, of a psychopathic husband who would do anything, including hire killers, to get his way.

The last story involved a young woman who moved to LA with little money, and inadvertently got involved with drug dealers to make ends meet.  She wound up spending thirty days in jail and a year of house arrest, but a felony conviction, as part of a plea deal for a “snitch”.   Her story is becoming a book and a movie from Paramount.  (It started as a blog.)  ABC used the tag line, “when a mug shot becomes a head shot”.  Don’t do it!

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