Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Body of Proof" resurrects "The Exorcist" with another Regan

Was the episode “Breakout” on ABC’s “Body of Proof” last night (10 PM) a spoof of “The Exorcist”?  The poor girl (Brooke Lynn Howard) was aspirating on her own vomit (at least not the green split-pea soup in the movie), and was stabbed a couple times with chest tubes.  She seemed to be bleeding out, as if with Ebola. This didn’t even look like something that would be medically survivable.  And all Dad could say was that she needed “The Lord” or something like that.  She probably needed detoxification from drugs. 

This time, the background isn’t Georgetown in Washington DC, but center city Philadelphia, right over the 30th Street Station so beloved to Amtrak passengers.  At least it looked like Philly to me.   Maybe the gilr’s house is in Fishtown, a favorite place for libertarian writer Charles Murray. 

Very seriously, on “Katie” recently, there was an episode where a mother related an incident where her daughter, after a bad trip with argo-fake marijuana, was admitted to a psychiatric ward (I think in Philadelphia), and was so uncontrollable that she was put into a medically induced coma (about to happen on “Breakout” as the episode ended).  The parents were told that the daughter might become brain dead or become permanently dependent.  Actually, the real life teenage girl is recovering, although slowly, and appeared on Katie.  
Regarding Amtrak, the trains used to stop also at North Philadelphia, in an area now documented in the film “A Place at the Table” as one of the nation’s worst “food deserts” for poor people.
Imdb says that some of the first season of “Body of Proof” was actually filmed in Rhode Island.  I didn’t pick up any familiar scenery, although I had visited the late filmmaker Gode David in Providence in 2003.  

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