Friday, March 22, 2013

"Katie" examines the possibility of preventing aging, and a new story of the afterlife

Today, Friday March 22, 2013, Katie Couric led a particularly interesting show, which kept me off the phone checking on some financial stuff.  It will have to wait until Monday.
The first part of the show concerned a girl now 20 who had stopped growing at age 5.  But it appears that he cells have stopped “aging”.  She seems to be the only person in the world with this condition.  The young woman is Brooke Greenberg,, from suburban Baltimore, MD.  The Huffington Post has a story on her situation here. Her "condition" is called 'Syndrome X". 

There would be a difference between stopping growing and actually stopping aging, or aging in reverse, as in the movie “Benjamin Button”.  There is a jellyfish that actually does that.  Presumably, aging occurs partly because of entropy in physics, and that is why reproductive life counteracts entropy.

We don’t know if Brooke is “immortal”, but this would be impossible without some sort of energy source to prevent entropy.  Maybe a  bizarre virus (like a retrovirus) could impart that genetic or epigenetic change. 

A second guest is a young woman who cannot feel pain, but does feel emotion and empathy.

The third guest was a neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, who was in a coma for days after sudden acute meningitis as an adult.  He told his biographical story, about his adoption and estrangement from biological parents.  His book is “Proof of Heaven” which I will review soon.  He did describe Heaven as a physical place with a geography.  I have imagined the afterlife as a situation where you don’t experience anything but are aware of everyone else’s motives just as they are aware of yours.  It’s hard to imagine Heaven as another planet with high rise condos.  
I discuss some of this on my movie review of “Upside Down” on March 21, on my movies reviews. 
Anderson’s daytime show today covered identity theft and fraudulent IRS returns, as “lucrative” for criminals and difficult for the IRS to stop.  The most likely subjects are children, those in nursing homes, or other people who don’t file their own returns.  

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