Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Katie" examines the value of trade education v. college

Today, Wednesday, March 20, 2013, the “Katie” show on ABC (Katie Couric) examined the high cost of college, particularly from the viewpoint of college dropouts and people who don’t go to college.
Of course, some of the world’s most successful business people dropped out of college. 
But the most interesting part of the program concerned the value of “trades”, and people skilled in them (such as plumbing or maybe power company linemen) are becoming increasingly expensive and scarce.  We could get to the day when money won’t buy you all the skills you need.
“Mike Rowe” from “Dirty Jobs” presented the value of “learning a trade” instead of college, link here
One interesting question: how can students afford to take internships and pay back student loans>  Can recent engineering graduates afford to go overseas to the underdeveloped world to work on water projects, for example? 

During the Vietnam war, student draft deferments were generally available only to college students in science and math. 

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