Thursday, March 07, 2013

"King of the Nerds" finale tonight on TBS: Are nerds "special"?

I sampled the finale of the TBS reality series “King of the Nerds” tonight.
The comic show goes through a spoof of all the bigger reality shows – but this is more a biggest winner than biggest loser.  “Celeste” won, with her gaming tattoos.  I’m not much a fan of body art unless its non-destructive and removable.  But then you’re “faking it”.

One of the cute games was a reality maze, where people drive through on mopeds.  What I think would be cool would be something like a reality model railroad, where people live electronically in the cities and spaces on the model railroad layout.  That could be be pretext of a sci-fi horror film (in fact, something like that happens in my 2004 Project Greenlight screenplay “Baltimore Is Missing”).

At the end, one of the guy (Ivan)s said, a good nerd is “special without being different”.  Clark Kent had out it in reverse, “I’m different, but I’m not special.”  Sure, someone who can catch his own forward passes isn’t special?
The link is here.

In the video above, Brando is the professor of neuroscience, a subject that might be tainted now., but this clip is more ancient.
There’s no reason that nerds shouldn’t be “attractive”.  They can even become pop stars. 

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