Monday, March 04, 2013

"Red Widow": An ex-housewife joins the Mafia to protect her kids, maybe?

I guess ABC’s idea of a “Red Widow” is a wife who discovers her husband’s illegal business affairs and winds up working for the Mafia herself after her husband is taken.

Radha Mitcell plays the devoted wife Marta Walrwven, raising her three kids (the oldest, Gabriel, is played by the appealing Sterling Beaumon) is ritzy suburb north of the San Francisco Bay.  Her husband, Evan (Anson Mount) is heavily involved in shady dealings with longshoremen and imports of cocaine. The opening scenes of the Pilot (2 hours, March 3, directed by creator Mark Pellington)  give us a preview when bad guy Nichola Schiller (Goran Visnjic) knocks off  some enemies on the dock.  Pretty soon, Marta finds Evan shot on her own driveway.  In the ensuing scramble, she finds that she will have to play the Mafia’s game to protect her family. 

There is a subplot in that the husband had intended that his wife and kids enter witness protection.  That puts an end to any aspirations for an Internet career for the kids.

I don’t know whether the premise – of a woman learning the ways of organized crime to protect her kids, will hold an audience over time.  But the series (based on a Dutch series called “Peniza”) has only eight episodes. 

The writing seem to follow the didactics of Screenwriting 101 -- create dire urgency.  
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