Sunday, March 24, 2013

SNL: Adam Levine rerun: you don't need to see him shirtless

I think that SNL (Saturday Night Live) last night was a rerun, and maybe it was a good thing I missed it the first time, after the inauguration.  Adam Levine hosted it.  He was immediately challenged to go shirtless.  Jerry Seinfeld, looking older himself, tried to “protect” him.  But all of the sudden, we saw Levine, covered with tattoos (that’s how he looks on Wikipedia), his bod defaced and desecrated as far as I’m concerned, ruined. His chest hair, whatever had survived, was cropped to a fuzz. 
I could say that the episode proves the existence of heterosexuality.  Heterosexual men wouldn’t notice or care, right?  Not necessarily.
The first skit was about being gay anyway.   But later the show got into some legitimate stuff, like the problem of Catfishing and being fired over social media – as Dr. Phil used to say, “Internet mistakes”.
I see that Justin Timberlake did March 9, which I haven’t watched yet. (More on Timberlake is coming from CNN tonight.)  The opening on the replay online is tame enough (the introductory pharmaceutical commercial is way too long.  Steve Martin gets in the picture quickly, with his intimations of ‘Nsync.   Justin has been defaced before, too. 
As far as other possible hosts – how about Nev Schulman, with his whole career of reporting on catfishing and Okie Noodling.  He is laid back, and actually conservatively masculine in his appearance and demeanor, if gentled.  (Remember that line from “Catfish” – “O My God …”)  
I think that Reid Ewing (Dylan on “Modern Family”) would make an interesting host.  His videos are genuinely funny. I don’t know what the legal ramifications with ABC and Disney would be for using materials that had appeared on the mockumentary MF.   But I can imagine a lot of skits on “Do Me…” and “Imagine Me Naked”, as well as Carmageddon on the 405 (where I stayed the last time I was in LA), “Reid-ing” at the public library, and the short film “Inner Child” (that takes two). 

Could a classical musician host SNL?  How about the upcoming (Brooklyn) pianist-composer Timo Andres? Would Mozart recompositions go over well?  (Actually, a lot of today's stars began with piano lessons, including Justin Timberlake, who has proved he is still quite capable on the piano, at least to Ellen. Reid also started out with piano, apparently. There's something about music lessons as a child that increases the chance of public success later in life in a positive way.)
I’m told that the way you get tickets to SNL is to show up early Saturday Morning at Rock Center; it’s first come first serve.  At least that’s what a hotel told me the last time I was in NYC.   (If someone actually knows, please comment).   I’ll have to watch for who the upcoming hosts will be. 

Have they ever broadcast SNL from LA instead? Burbank would make sense.  

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