Monday, March 11, 2013

The "Bachelor" wants to get married (heterosexually) on live reality TV, on ABC

“The Bachelor” finale, “After the Final Rose”, turned silliness to dressy dignity, as Sean Lowe shows up in good clothes, having chosen Catherine (aka Kate), sitting on top an elephant in Thailand (the countryside looks very flat, and artificial, like another planet). 

Chris Harrison, who says he is an ordained minister, interviewed him.  Sean says he hasn’t set the heterosexual (and metrosexual) wedding date yet, but he wants to get married on live reality television.

There is a certain resemblance between his body and looks and that of “Brady” on “Days of our Lives”, of you know what I mean.  Good thing women don’t care.

Lindsay, “the sub”, paid Sean a visit, and professed her love for him.  She’s gotten over it.

Sean is on a red-eye flight tonight to appear on ABC GMA Tuesday morning.  I wonder where ABC puts people up.  Sean is a people person, a salesman, I think.  I don’t think a cabin in the Yotel (on 10th Avenue, in Hells Kitchen, filled with MacBooks on the lobby floor) would appeal to him.  I does to me, my favorite hotel n Manhattan. 
ABC resumes another favorite, “Dancing with the Stars”, March 18.  

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