Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston lockdown, eventual arrest occupy network programming all day April 19

On Friday, April 19, all the major networks devoted their entire channels to covering the lockdown in Boston, until about 3 PM. EDT. I hope that they will just resume their regular shows Monday without losing episodes.
At 9 PM, NBC was airing a Special Report as I returned home on the capture of Dzhokhar Tsnanaev when a homeowner in Watertown MA noticed him lying on a boat in his yard. Similar reports occurred on CBS and ABC as police announced the arrest. 
The 20-20 episode was “Manhunt”, summarizing all the day’s events. 
Then CNN’s Jeff Toobin explained the question of the consequences of not reading Miranda Rights.  This is acceptable when there is an immediate public safety issue, but any confession made by the defendant cannot be used in court; however he can be convicted on the evidence itself.
Another question would be whether the federal government may pursue the death penalty in a state that does not itself have it.
The United States attorney will be Carmen Ortiz, and she was the prosecutor involved in the regrettable Aaron Swartz case.
It seems apparent that Dzhokhar was influenced by his older brother.  But there have been a few troubling cases where intellectually gifted young men have turned to terror activities, albeit in very different circumstances. 
The lockdown of the entire city of Boston and near suburbs is unprecedented.  It seems to have been prompted by the belief that Suspect #2 might have a suicide vest, as well as fear of other accomplices.  But there could be more sinister reasons of  which we haven’t been told. 

I can imagine what it would be like to wake up in a hospital with a whole nation cheering your capture. 
The media hardly mentioned the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas while covering Boston today.  And it also barely mentioned North Korea.  

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of  Boston University.  

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