Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Days of our Lives" alludes to "Bugcrush", notorious gay horror short film, as Sonny is no longer so nice all the time

On “Days of our Lives” yesterday, Sonny (Freddie Smith) told EJ that, even though he doesn’t see the sense in enjoying hurting people, he viewed Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) as a “bug” whom he wanted to “crush”.   That’s pretty remarkable, and it is a reference to the notorious gay short film “Bugcrush”, by Carter Smith (2006) available from Strand Releasing on a DVD collection called “Boys Life 6” (Jamuary 29, 2008 on the Movies Blog.)
Nick has gotten out of prison following a couple years resulting  from a total moral breakdown in 2009 (he probably was justified in killing Trent, a character who know shows up on General Hospital).  In prison, Nick was stabbed and raped for being a “snitch”.  The guy who stabbed him has gotten out and is working for father Eric, and has ready recruited Nick for the next escapade of mandatory crime.  Nick also used the "f.." word in Sonny's face in referring to the gay couple.  
On top of this, we see Will and Sonny going to EJ and Stefano to deal with Nick, who has blackmailed Will into giving up custody of Will’s accidental baby girl with Gabbi.  Nick did this by hacking Will’s cell phone and listening in to discussions on how Lucas (Will’s dad) took the rap when Will shot EJ.
It would seem that they could go after Nick for computer hacking as a violation of his parole.  I don’t know what the writers haven’t broached that idea yet.
Instead, it looks like we’re heading toward a torture scene where Nick “needs another bug”.  Imagine the preparations (when compared to the end of the movie.)  Imagine him naked.  "He can't fake it."
Will and Sonny are “good kids” raised by crime families.  Sonny seems like the most stable and responsible character in the whole show. 
It looks very likely that Will and Sonny can wind up as “gay dads”.  I don’t think Ohio has gay marriage. 
In another subplot, Chloe has blackmailed Jennifer into breaking up with surgeon Daniel Jonas, by having Daniel’s son Parker kidnapped and taken to Brazil.  These people can be mean. 

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