Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NBC holds back in reporting breaking news today, while CNN at first reports an arrest and then retracts

At 1:54 PM today, Wednesday, April 17, 2013, NBC News stopped “Days of our Lives” with Breaking News indicating progress in identifying a possible suspect in the Boston Marathon terror attack Monday.  Pete Williams, justice reporter, declined to say that an arrest had been made or that a suspect had been identified. At the same time, on my MacIntosh, as I was about to work on my own piano music, I saw CNN headlines erroneously reporting that an arrest had been made.  Soon that story was retracted. The AP had also apparently reported an arrest at first. 

At first the authorities were going to plead for the public’s help identifying people, particularly a tall young white man in black shirt and shorts, otherwise featureless, behaving oddly in the CNN slide show available right now at this site.  
Authorities also have two persons of interest in other video which is not being shown on the media tonight, indicating a change in strategy. On Piers Morgan tonight on CNN, one expert said that of there is more than one person involved, the odds that it is foreign-sourced (Al Qaeda) increase, but the general feeling has been that this is likely domestic, and might be motivated by the extreme right wing, or possibly by some other bizarre extreme belief system.  

Let's hope that by this time tomorrow we do have an arrest.  

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