Monday, April 29, 2013

NBC reports on Sandy recovery six months after

Tonight, NBC Nightly News offered a detailed update on recovery from Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012, exactly six months ago. 

The broadcast focuses on the damage in Union Beach, NJ,, on Lower New York Bay. I did not stop there in my recent visit to the area in March, having visited Sayreville and then some communities farther south on the Ocean.  The film “Shored Up” (Movies blog, April 17) had focused on Union Beach. 

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Later the broadcast did show the rebuilding of boardwalk on communities like Seaside Heights.  The communities will be ready for tourists before all the homes are rebuilt.

The report also showed some progress in rebuilding Breezy Point.

A second report covered the changing coast line, which is expected to rise by three feet by 2100 (maybe sooner).  Property owners, such as one shown on Cape Cod, face condemnation of their expensive property, which is becoming uninhabitable as beach is lost rapidly. 
Should the rest of the country pay for people to live “On the Beach”?

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