Tuesday, April 02, 2013

NBC "Revolution": promises an explanation, but hasn't delivered yet

All I know is that “Revolution”, having resumed March 25 with two episodes (“The Stand” – ironically the same as Stephen King’s mammoth novel – and “Ghosts” is still a big letdown.

We were promised an “explanation” in last night’s episode by the previews all week.  At the end, “Rebecca” (the brain) says, “I’ll tell all I know”.   Then the episode ends.  Next week?

And it seems like the government had a conspiracy to cut off power at Brgram in Afghanistan, and something went wrong at “the Tower” and the blackout went around the world.

Then the “powers” decided we would have a safer, sustainable world if most people didn’t have electricity and had to live off the land like Maoism. 

In “The Stand” they sacrificed their nicest young character Danny.

What kind of explanation is possible?  A “quantum entanglement device” like in the ABC series “Flasf Forward”?

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would fry everything in a particular area (unless shielded with “Faraday cages”). It would not be possible to turn on power locally with an amulet reading a flash drive.  That part makes no sense at all. 
The possibility of an electromagnetic pulse may be the biggest risk with North Korea’s recently belligerence (particularly to knock out South Korea and bring everybody back to “peasantry”).

The "political" message of the show is certainly disturbing. Yet why does this show have an audience when "Zero Hour" got canceled after three episodes?

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