Thursday, April 04, 2013

NBC series "Hannibal": Hugh Dancy stars as the geeky special agent, but the concept may not hold up

The new NBC series “Hannibal” had its “premier” tonight.  If it works at all, it’s the performance of Hugh Dancy as special agent Will Graham.  He is assigned to track a serial killer(s) operating in northern Minnesota because of his unusual personality.  He says he has Asperger’s syndrome, but can empathize with the perpetrators, read their thoughts, and still operate in the real world as an effective person, able to become sociable when in his own element.  At times, he has real charisma, and certainly a lot of energy.  He knows how to perform as the “good guy with a gun” when he has to (at the violent end of the Pilot, called “Apertif”).
He lives with his menagerie of dogs, who seem to dearly love him, since he adopts them off the street as his “children”.  He consorts with a peripatetic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), who may or may not be physically present, cooking the remains of some victims.  

Lawrence Fishburne is moderately effective as Will’s boss.
I’m not sure that the series will be able to keep the novelty up for weeks at a time however.  I loved the line in the second of the movies, “Hannibal”, where Anthony Hopkins says, “It was time for me to return to public life.”   And remember that scene, in the 2000 film, where Hannibal has removed the skull of a man who is still alive and serves him his own brains?  I remember the “Movie Grille” forum discussion on AOL (a predecessor to social networking)  where people wrote that they threw up over that scene.  The original film “The Silence of the Lambs” goes all the way back to 1991. 
Recent events in 2012 make it more credible that a psychiatrist could become a Hannibal.  Why did James Holmes study “neuroscience”? How long did he premeditate his acts on July 20?  It seems like this had gone on for months, maybe from before the time he showed up.  The Huffington Post has the very latest, a shocker of a story of what Holmes’s psychiatrist reported today, here.  
The link for the NBC series is here
You have to hunt through the NBC Hanninal channel before you find a video with embeddable shares:

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