Sunday, April 28, 2013

President Obama turns on the stand-up comedy at Correspondents' Dinner -- on CNN

CNN has been airing parts of the Correspondents’ Dinner (Washington's Most Exclusive Party) at the Whote House Saturdya night, especially President Obama’s speech. Don Lemon seems to be providing the commentary.

He says that Daivd Axelrod works for MSNBC, but that MSNBC worked for him.

He took a pot shot at Michelle Bachmann (at least not at reparative therapy). Gay marriage got plenty of recognition. 

He also showed a poster about the new “George W. Bush” library.  "Blame Bush for 2008." (But cancel the bailouts.) 

I was at a party only about three miles away, on U Street, the “Tracks Reunion” (see LGBT blog), at about the same time.  None of the correspondents made it to the real party (just like on the lower level of "Titanic").  It was their job to be at the White House. 
I presume that the menu offered vegan, to appease Bill Clinton.  I hope it didn’t serve Cornish game hen (SLDN's old favorite).  Actually, they said they offered hailbut (salmon tastes better) and filet mignon, When you get used to lower fat food, you don’t want to go back to old habits. 

They mentioned the twitter hashtag, "Incapable of living in the moment".  Everything (they said) on the menu was "shot" by Wayne La Pierre.  (That's the Zuckerberg diet: if you eat animal protein, you eat only what you can kill.)   

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