Monday, April 08, 2013

Revolution: Can a virus "suck electricity out of the air"?

Finally. NBC's "Revolution" offers an "explanation" (the episode April 8 was "The Song Remains the Same"), and it is rather underwhelming. 

Well, we found out tonight what put the power down.  Airborne viruses, apparently genetically manufactured, capable of taking electricity out of the air. Wikipedia now characterizes them as "inert air populated nano-machines."

From a physics viewpoint, that doesn’t make sense.  Lightning takes electricity out of the air naturally. 
The way EMP or solar storms do damage is to fry circuits and transformers, by inducing currents.  They don’t remove electrons from the air.

Electricity is normally conducted through a medium, not in the air.

Maybe at some nano level, a virus could somehow infect “circuits” somehow.  Ciould such a virus spread around the world in eight minutes?

Now, the dialogue says the bad guys have power.  The only way to take them down is for the good guys to have electricity again.  Where have we heard that before?

Could a virus encapsulate a microscopic black hole?  That idea sounds intriguing, as a way to move identities to new bodies (or give bodies multiple identities( by “infection”, where soul and brain meet. 

There’s a blog about the show here

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