Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ABC "Lookout" (Nightline spinoff) looks at self-help, mold abatement businesses in pilot

ABC News premiered a sting series tonight, “The Lookout”, with the slugline, “Get more out of your money”. ABC has a comprehensive link and video here

The first half of the program reported on self-help guru Kevin Trudeau.  ABC reporters caught up with him in Switzerland, while his palatial home around Chicago stayed empty as he fled FTC investigations. The report showed how he used legal straight matrimony to his advantage.
I’ve always been leery of the self-help world, but I recall a friend in Dallas who was courted with a paid private plane trip and symposium in Waco to sell motivational tapes back in the 1980s.  I’ve even gotten people calling me about my “Do Ask Do Tell” books, asking me why I don’t try to make money in the self-help business.  I can’t fix your life.  Live healthy, be productive.  Not everyone can do this.
I do remember, when vacationing in Montana in 1981 and somewhere in the plains in the middle of the state, hearing an ad on my rent car radio, about a “Feeling Good About Yourself” symposium in Helena, and rooms were still available.  I went.  Next day I stared at the open pit mine at Anaconda in a May snowstorm.
The second half of the program set up a test house (I think near Chicago) and inviting contractors to come and test for mold, to test their “honesty”.  The results were all over the map.


Above is an earlier ABC affiliate report on Trudeau.  ABC didn’t have a YouTube video on the Lookout series yet, which is supposed to belong to Nightline. 

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