Monday, May 20, 2013

ABC's "Motive": you know who did it, but figure out why

The new ABC series “Motive”, going head-to-head with the conclusion of NBC’s “Revolution”, plays a variation on the famous “Clue”.  The mystery is not who did it, but why.
The viewer is shown the victim and perpetrator in the opening. Two detectives, in the hour long episode, solve the crime and figure out the motive.

Detective Angie Flynn  (Kristin Lehman) and Oscar Varga (Louis Ferreira)  play the tag team, for a drama that looks like it is filmed around Portland, OR.
The pilot episode is called “Creeping Tom”, named after an attractive kid (Tyler Johnston) and his buddy (Cameron Bright) break into homes for thrills, to steal memorabilia. This is mean, because souvenirs are important to people and families and often can't be replaced even with money and insurance.  
The victim is a popular science teacher, who is found bludgeoned one morning.  An important clue is that the teacher’s dog gets along with Tom.

It may be playing spoiler to reveal the motive, but it’s important.  Part of the denouement is that Tom kept a written diary outlining his hatred and making the teacher think he was about to launch a Columbine-style attack, or even worse. 

In any slaying, it’s important to find out the motive to protect the community. That idea goes all the way back to the Alfred Hitchcock series in the 50s, where the idea of a “motiveless murder” was refuted in one episode that I recall.

ABC’s Descriptive site for the show is here.   
Perhaps the show will give investigators more “imagination” for anticipating future challenges to homeland security.   

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