Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Anderson Cooper's "newsmakers" may be away from the mainstream: countering Westboro, scientology

Today, Anderson Cooper  Live (syndicated daytimes on ABC)  interviewed several people of note (the show calls them “Biggest Newsmakers”, although in most cases that sounds like a stretch), including most of all, Libby Phelps Alvarez, granddaughter of the founder of Westboro Baptist Church.
She claimed she was indoctrinated to believe that they only way to “help people” was to preach that God would condemn them for various things. 
She described a counterdemonstration at a veteran’s funeral, to keep the family from having to see the Westboro demonstrators.
Anderson said that he generally doesn’t like to cover Westboro, even negatively, because the attention from the media seems to be what they want.

Back in 2005, at least, the "church" had a banner "God hates America", and websites with very disturbing domain names.  
The link for the preview is here
Anderson also reviewed the daughter of a scientologist who had left the church.  She said that church members are prohibited from speaking to members who have left or been excommunicated. She also described the menial labor demanded of kids helping kids build church recreational facilities.  (It reminded me of a particular detail unit in Basic Training in the Army). 

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