Thursday, May 16, 2013

CNN does doc on the Arias trial; but pales besides other newsy cases; Obama's DC eatery celebrates "Scandal"

Last weekend, CNN aired a few times its documentary “Murder in the First Degree: Inside the Arias Trial”, with summary link here
The documentary focused on successive changes in the story told to police by Jodi Arias after her ex-boyfriend was found brutally murdered.  At one point, she tried to claim self-defense. 
Then, after her conviction, she told reporters she would prefer the death penalty as “ultimate freedom”.   But the case sounds like a typical crime of passion, that used to be the stuff of mystery movies in the 1950s. 

The CNN report hit the Mormon or LDS angle, which was indeed ironic. 
The case somewhat reminds me of the Shepard murder near Cleveland in 1954, when I spent summers as a boy in Ohio.  

HLN has produced an analysis examining whether Jodi’s story was even possible.

She does seem like the femme fatale.  Unlike Amanda Knox, there seems to be nothing to redeem her, or even give her credibility.  Was she the ultimate “black widow” (not red widow).
I’m not a fan of ABC’s “Scandal”, but WJLA reports that there was a Scandal viewing party at Ben’s Chili Bowl (on U Street in NW Washington, a favorite of President Obama) tonight.  WJLA went behind the scenes at Ben’s on the 11 PM broadcast tonight.  Note: Ben’s is near the Lincoln Theater, and Town DC and Howard Theater are nearby.   Writing for a show like this would not be easy.  It’s other people’s plots!

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