Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Revolution" still isn't giving up much info on what happened to the world we grew up in

I have to express some frustration with NBC’s “Revolution”.  I keep thinking there will be more details as to how the plot (the ‘Blackout”) got launched, and whether it was entirely intentional (it sounds like it), or something that got out of hand. 

It would be interesting to know more about how things unraveled in the days immediately following the Blackout (as in the novel “One Second After’).

I couldn’t care less about the tribal wars, Doomsday-prepper militia (out of McVeigh’s world),  and family breakdowns in a dystopian society that isn’t worth surviving in – unless there is some real light at the end of the “tunnel”. 
Last night’s episode “The Longest Day” did offer an interesting potential of the nano-device pendants: : instant healing.  Aaron Pittman (Zak Oarth)  manipulates what looks like an attachment to a USB drive, and places it in Rachel’s severe leg wound, when it heals itself within second.
The season finale will be broadcast June 3.  Will the lights will come back on?  If they do, would the “new” government stand?  Yes, that must be what the current wars are about.
It’s rather amazing how quickly some of these iPads and computers come back to life around the pendants after years of disuse. 
Actually, the three minutes where the lights go out are worth reviewing – with Russian subtitles.  

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