Saturday, June 29, 2013

ABC 20-20: "Teen Confidential": Honor student in W Va shunned, threatened for criticizing "slut shaming" private guest speaker

ABC 20-20 Friday night aired an episode called “Teen Confidential: If These Halls Could Talk”. 

It opened with the story of a prom couple in Tulsa, OK.  The only thing unusual was that each partner in this heterosexual couple was transgendered, and was living in the opposite sex.  One parent had said that being gay wasn’t a big deal, but transgender was more difficult to deal with at first.
But the most interesting part of the report concerned a female high school senior Katelyn Campbell (Facebook friends site), who spoke out against a “slut shaming” (a phrase she coined( speaker who had appeared at her West Virginia high school, George Washington near Charleston. The speaker, Pam Stenzel (“Addressing the importance of abstinence”, link), had been paid for by a conservative Christian group (“Believe in West Virginia”, link)  The ABC  link is here.with video here. Katelyn boycotted the speech and let a friend videotape it. But then she gave an interview to a local newspaper.  The principal called her in and threatened to call the college where she had a scholarship.  A large part of the student body shunned her, especially on Facebook.  The loss if “popularity” surprised her. But she sought an injunction against the principal and was welcomed by her college and got a national student leadership award for standing up to authoritarianism.

Later ABC presented a service which allows people to leave their personal cars to be rented by others at airports. 

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